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                    Dongguan Cosmos Plastic Products Company Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Ltd (CMEL). Established in 1958, CMEL was listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1988. After half a century's development, CMEL's business has diversified rapidly and now covers machinery manufacturing, plastic processing and products, and trading of machinery and industrial consumables, etc.

                    Dongguan Cosmos Plastic Products Company Ltd. established in 1997, specializes in research, development and production of PC blow moulded products. With more than ten years development, we focus on management, and work hard on quality. In 2007, we acquired ISO9001 quality management system certificate, and introduced ERP system and Office Automation management system into our daily work. ››More

                  Corporate Vision

                  Cosmos Plastics is committed to becoming the best supplier of blow molded plastic products in South China and satisfying the needs of our customers with the most advanced technology, highest quality products and excellent services.

                  Corporate Mission

                  Expert of blow molded plastic products. Cooperator worthy of confidence.

                  Corporate Beliefs

                  People-oriented, Win-win shared; Being enterprising and studious;
                  Hold the integrity, brave to undertake; Emphasize teamwork, aim to achieve success.